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Bio:  Doreen is an Achievement Facilitator & Traditional Worker.

Doreen South has served in several capacities from local community government committee levels to national advisory groups.  Doreen is registered on Health Canada Visiting Elders list.  On the local/provincial levels, active on Haldimand-Norfold (H-N) District Health Council; H-N Coordinating Committee to End Violence Against Women.  Doreen was selected as the first community woman to sit on this Committee with Canada.  Doreen was selected by Health Canada and Assembly of First Nations as a member of the 2001 Suicide Prevention Advisory Group (providing doable short term solutions to end Native youth suicide). Doreen was hired by Government of Manitoba for a special project, Initiating the Power Within; Certified by First Nations Technical Institute in Traditional Healing.  Doreen’s services and workshops have earned many letters of recommendation through First Nation Communities and levels of Government.

Good Mind Teachings

Good Mind Teachings provide an interactive learning and discussion format.  The two (2) models for these Teachings are systematically drawn, explained and discussed to ensure full understanding of the interconnected facets.  Discussion involves not only the comprehension of the Teachings as applied to our individual mothers and families; but also, how to utilize these Teachings for personal wellness and sustaining personal well being.

Doreen South is a conduit for Spirit.

There are many titles i.e. Medium, Channel, Psychic, Teacher, Healer.  All of these capacities flow through Doreen thus the term conduit.

She an Ordain Spiritual/Christian Minister & certified Traditional Healing. Enjoyed her own live TV & radio show. Culturally inclusive. Years of service within First Nations.

Offers workshops for Ontario Works, counselling through Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, mediation for many agencies and corporations.

Angel Whispers was born from a dream received in 1992. This is 23 years after the start of studies and discipline of Spiritual Gifts. Over four decades, there have been many Earth Teachers from many Nations. Over four decades, the Divine helpers have guided me to many committees.

I have spent many years not only studying but also successfuly utilizing the spiritual/healing knowledge.

Because of life experiences and the God given Spiritual Gifts, I have walked with the Angels and Divine Spirit Guides of the White Light helping people from all races and from all walks of life for over 40 years.

Are you ready to be the change in your Life and heal in a way that attracts health, success and happiness?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmly and with respect…