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Global Traditional Worker, Conduit for Spirit, Creator/Host of Lenses of Life Podcast, Instructor in school Transformating with Doreen South. Workshop facilitator, mediator, holistic wellness person.


In honor of those who serve as First Responders everywhere, and those who sacrificed their lives in New York on 9-11, the month of September on Lenses of Life Podcast is dedicated to interviews with Al Sicignano, retired Firefighter and one of two survivors from his Fire House on that day.

Open your ears and heart…an inward vision of worlds unfold. Lenses of Life presents everyday people with extraordinary life storie that connect us to our global village of Mother Earth. Our conversations help to dispel myths, remove barriers, decrease fears and increase respect. Their lives reveal struggle, failure, healing, awareness and unfoldment as they become more of who they are in their Spirit Identity. Lenses of Life’s goal is to not only increase our connectedness but also to sustain Global peace, harmony and balance. There is courage and strength in sharing Individual life stories. These verbal journeys reveal the common healthy spirit of humanity. Join Host Doreen South every Sunday on Consciousness Unlimited Radio Network 9 p.m. EST…previous podcasts are found in archives.


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�Life is a journey�not a destination.� Ralph Waldo Emerson. This month�s journey has directed me to the local Food Co-op. A friend living in Rattlesnake Harbour, Ontario, many, many, many years ago, introduced the food co-op concept to me.

In the kitchen of her home, (once a local train station transplanted out into the country) are gallon jars of basmati rice, plump raisins and more. Continue reading

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