Angel Whispers Consulting

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Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1T8
Cell 289 253 7772
Office 905 523 5575

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Spirit Communication

Communicating with Divine Helpers and Loved Ones to provide insight into situations and support you in making your best choices.and/or helping you to overcome the loss of a loved one.

Dream Interpretation

Channelling the meaning of dreams. The scariest dreams often hold the most valuable guidance.

Spirit Rescues

Assisting interfering spirits across into the light.

Emotional Healing

Providing you with effective ways to unburden negative self messages of the past and allowing your Spirit to be more present in your body and in your life.

Body Detoxing

Traditional Doctoring

Removing negative or unhealthy energies from the body. When people have been to the medical professionals and they cannot detect the cause, this service is beneficial.


Sending restorative energy into the body helping the tissues to heal. This service partners well with medical professionals.

Relationship Facilitation

Relationship Facilitation supports improving communication and effective listening skills. It helps to identify common ground, isolate the real issues and produce win/win doable solutions.

Other Services

Chakra Balancing, Workshops and Seminars.

Angel / Spirit Photography

Angel Photography also known as Spirit Photography is a form of physical phenomena. What makes this unique is the fact that everything is done in the light. There are no cameras, film or darkroom conditions.


The fee for our services is $20 per block of 10 minutes, plus HST

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Skype, Face Time  and Telephone consultations are available.  Please see “Our Policies” for more details.


Why Angel Whispers’ services are beneficial:

  • Increased sense of worthiness.
  • Stronger connection with Spirit Identity.
  • Healthier Relationship with Self and Others.
  • Deeper rapport with Creation.
  • Improved ability to sustain wellness.
  • Ongoing personal growth.

For pricing and availability on other services, please contact us.  Regular fee is $50.00 for every 15 minutes (+ HST where applicable); no HST when services are delivered on First Nation Territories.  Special fee for students.

After hours fee is $75.00 for every 15 minutes.
Travel and In Person Appointments:
A non-refundable 50% fee paid upon booking the appointment. Payment may be made through PayPal on this website.
E-mail Interac money transfers available through on-line banking.